18 November 2009

November Rain

"typically the weather can be very up and down (a bit like the stock market, or U2 albums)...your excitement about reainspotting drains from you as your senses get invaded with the smell from Hell!"

November in Sydney can be a strange time of year. Not only is it one step closer to Christmas but it signifies, to us in Down Under Land, that summer is just around the corner. Frankly, I am not sure where this elusive 'corner' is but its somewhere close, methinks. Maybe the number 435 bus goes there. Who knows!

From a meteorological point of view November signifies the end of coolish weather as the onslaught of the summer heat flexes its muscles. Typically the weather can be very up and down (a bit like the stock market, or U2 albums). For example, a couple of days ago the temperature in Sydney hit 38C. It was very hot and sunny. However, yesterday it was only 22C and overcast. So there is a sort of weather heavyweight boxing match going on at present where there will be only one winner - heat!

So what does this mean for the average Sydneysider? I hear you ask. Well in short, one answer comes to mind - smelly armpits.

It is the month where catching a bus or train can be excruciatingly painful. You know the scene. You are on the bus reading the latest edition of 'Trainspotters Weekly' when someone gets on and stands next to you whilst holding onto the overhead strap. All of the sudden your excitement about trainspotting drains from you as your senses get invaded with the smell from Hell!

Trains too have the same issue. You are sitting all alone when someone sits next to you and the smell from them makes you want to vomit! For the next hour or so you are stuck next to an un-sweet smelling person. You leave the train at your stop but the smell remains in your nostrils for the next 10 minutes!!

Going to shopping centres can have the same implications. Fortunately the air con helps take the smells away...much to our gratitude.

So you can see November really is a significant month. Not only for the weather, or the fact that the Melbourne Cup is run, but also for the smells we are all abjected to.

Oh well, only another 4 months until it will start to cool down again.


Mountaingirl said...

I'm with you - and counting the days until some semblance of normality returns. One of advantage of living in the country is no smelly armpits problems (only because I don't have public transport as opposed to us being a particularly hygienic bunch). Sigh .... now all I need to find is a cool stream that has no leeches or other people and I will move into it for the next few months :-)

Michelle said...

hehe lovely - We don't have that problem very much in England as you know :)

Maybe buy a peg for your nose this summer ;)