17 November 2012

Groundhog Day

Life really is full of repetition.  It seems to be the same old thing, day after day. Be honest, how often do you feel like you are repeating things over and over and over again?

Just like that great movie Groundhog Day, when Punxsutawney Phil makes an appearance to decide if winter is coming to an end or not, Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again.  Despite its comedic theme, the film does make a good point that our lives do seem to be stuck living the same old scene.

To make my point, I will give you an overview of how most of my days go.  Normally the weekdays rather than weekends, where there is a bit of flexibility.

On most workdays I take my two daughters to their school which is about a 7 minute walk from where we live.  We really have to leave home at 8am, to ensure that I can catch a train to work and get there at a respectable time. Nine times out of ten, this is never the case.  Even though I am ready, my daughters hardly ever are!

After dropping my girls off at their Primary School, I swiftly make my way to the railway station.  On the way, I take a short cut past the local library.  Every day I see two teenage schoolkids - one a boy and one a girl embracing each other and kissing.  They go to different schools judging by their uniforms.  The first view I have that they are there is when I see their school backpacks on the floor.  Young love is great, I wonder if their pre-tempestuous relationship will last?

About 10 metres on I always come across a middle-aged man.  He is overweight and is normally smoking a cigarette.  By the look on his face it would seem that he has the worries of the world on his shoulders. He is always deep in thought.  Is he thinking about his troubled relationship? Is he worried about his children? Or does he have a pile of impossible work deadlines? Who knows.  In truth, who cares?  He does carry a briefcase.  I often wonder if he is a hen-pecked accountant. 

I walk on and get to the railway station.  Within minutes I am on the train heading to the city.  Every time I try and find a seat I come across a couple of obstacles.  Sometimes I have to ask a  female to mover her handbag so that I can sit down.  Quite often there will be a sigh from the woman as she begrudgingly moves her (non-ticket paying) bag before I can sit!

On other occasions I come across a passenger who has a seat but wants to take over most of another seat.  In this case, I do get to sit down, but end up feeling like a sardine in a can.  Often, if you ask them to move over, they will move the barest minimum of distance.

 Once I reach my destination, I alight from the train and form a human (or is it sheep) line to get through the ticket gates.  There I see an Asian lady, probably in her late thirties,holding a photo of herself, and I guess her mother.  When I first saw her I thought she was waiting for her mother - who, presumably, had just arrived in Australia.  However, having seen this Asian lady many times with the same photo, it became obvious to me that this is not the case.  

Maybe she is waiting, in false hope, that her mother is going to get off a train and find her.  I hope she does.  It would satisfy my curiosity.  I often have felt like asking the Asian lady what she is doing.  However, I am a morning zombie like most others.

So there you go.  Groundhog Day over and over again. I am sure you, dear reader, can totally empathise with me on this!  

02 November 2012

The Question Was Answered!

In life it is important to set goals, objectives and targets in our working and personal lives.  Having a goal helps you to focus and, hopefully, achieve what you set out to do.  They can be set for a myriad of reasons ranging from really small objectives to very large ones.  Recently, I achieved one of my goals after trying for more than two years. 

What was this achievement, I hear you all say.  Well, continue reading and I will elaborate dear reader.

There is a weekly question and answer show on television called, funnily enough, ‘Questions and Answers’ or better known as ‘Q & A’ or as I like to call it Qanda.  The show consists of a panel of guests, generally politicians and the like, who answer questions posed to them by the live audience.  The panel then put across their point of view on the relevant subject.

As the show goes out live across Australia, viewers are able to post some tweets, with a select few being aired visually across the bottom of the screen. When the show first started showing viewers tweets.  I thought that it would be great if I could get one of mine aired on the show.  Now there are a few theories that I have put to practice in my quest to find success.  Since I set out to achieve this goal, I have tried funny tweets, controversial tweets, subject-related tweets and out of the ordinary tweets.  Alas, all to no avail.

Over the course of time, a Qanda tweet group was formed.  Every Monday night we all get together, via Twitter of course, to watch the show and try to get our tweets on air.  Normally, one or two of our group have a successful night and manage to get a tweet onto the show.  However, up until recently, my tweets were the proverbial bridesmaid and not the bride – if you get my meaning!

Then glory finally came my way!

During the Qanda broadcast on the 15th October, a tweet by yours truly appeared on the show.  Now, I have to admit that I had nearly given up hope of this ever happening.  However, when it did, it provided me with a sense of fulfillment.  Seeing my tweet on television was quite surreal really.  I read the tweet and thought - that sounds familiar! Then after a nano-second I realised it was mine!

So finally, I had achieved my goal! Actually it was a great night all round as our Qanda group all got tweets aired on the show! So myself, Em, Katie, Vanessa and Jennifer were all successful twitterers.

Now I have set myself another goal, I want to get another tweet aired sometime soon.  Even if I don’t succeed, I can still try, try and try again!

And here is the broadcasted tweet:

“Gillard made a stand that will define her leadership” - which was about the Australian Prime Minister and her stand against misogyny in politics.