25 September 2010

Boot Camp

"maybe they watched too many Vietnam war movies when they were growing up...whatever the case, these boot camp instructors are scary and dangerous"

There is a phenomenon that has overwhelmed Sydney and probably most other cities around the world - certainly in the western world. What is it? I hear you say. Well it's not Justin Beiber - though this young pup seems to have well and truly made his mark - even if he does need a haircut and should learn how to shave. It is, however, the phenomenon known as 'boot camp'.

Now, I for one am a great advocate of fitness regimes. Without a doubt they do help us all in our quest for a healthy life (mental note not to eat that chocolate bar that is staring at me!). However, the concept of boot camp truly baffles me. Let me explain.

I can understand people signing up for a boot camp, but I cannot understand why you would sign up to get fit and be abused at the same time! You see, dear reader, that a lot of the boot camp instructors seem to think they are drill sergeants in the army and spew forth military style commands. Maybe they watched too many Vietnam war movies when they were growing up or listened to too many ABBA records. .

Most days, as I walk to the local railway station, I see a few boot camps in action. Even when the weather is seemingly bad (ie: cold and raining) there is always an instructor putting his, extremely wet class, through their paces. I have visions of the instructor saying "give me 10, you horrible little urchin!". Sadly the urchin always complies.

So I have a theory about these type of instructors. Most of them must have failed their army entrance exam and want to exact their revenge on the rest of us. Alternatively, maybe they were picked on at school by pupils and teachers alike and decided to get even by becoming qualified instructors. Whatever the case, these boot camp instructors are scary and dangerous. Even more so than politicians and Celine Dion and that is saying something!

The crazy thing about it is that these manic instructors actually get paid to put people through the pain barrier and to spew forth a litany of abuse. To me it just seems insane.

If you really want to get fit why not just go for a run or a bike ride. Or failing this join a gym!

12 September 2010

5,000 and onwards!

A few days ago my blog finally cracked the 5,000 hit mark. Compared to lots of other blogs it's not that big of an achievement. However, to me, myself and I it is a landmark.

It has taken a tad over 3 years to reach this, and it is something that I never thought I would reach when I set out on my first blog back in July 2007. Now I cannot wait to hit the 10,000 figure - hopefully not in three years time!

A big thank you to all the visitors to my blog. My readership has increased and I now have a number of subscribers which, for me, is fantastic. Please keep reading my blogs and feel free to 'spread the word'.

Finally, I love reading comments - both good and, erm, not so good so please leave me your feedback.

My next blog will be published very soon - stay tuned!