12 September 2010

5,000 and onwards!

A few days ago my blog finally cracked the 5,000 hit mark. Compared to lots of other blogs it's not that big of an achievement. However, to me, myself and I it is a landmark.

It has taken a tad over 3 years to reach this, and it is something that I never thought I would reach when I set out on my first blog back in July 2007. Now I cannot wait to hit the 10,000 figure - hopefully not in three years time!

A big thank you to all the visitors to my blog. My readership has increased and I now have a number of subscribers which, for me, is fantastic. Please keep reading my blogs and feel free to 'spread the word'.

Finally, I love reading comments - both good and, erm, not so good so please leave me your feedback.

My next blog will be published very soon - stay tuned!

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