09 November 2007

1,000 hits and more to come!

"Workmates also suffered my powers of persuasion and I managed to influence Jia and the Bunno Bumpkin to take up blog writing!....I am popular in the US city of Tulsa as it is my 6th most popular city! "

When I started writing blogs I didn't really think that anyone would be remotely interested in them. To my surprise I soon found out that people all around the globe were clicking on to my blog to read my tales of catching buses to Kellyville, watching Fairy DVD's with my daughters, discovering a Milk triangle (Bermuda Triangle for our milk supply) in the house, travelling to Ashfield from Sydney via Broken Hill! and so on.

Even more surprising, especially to myself, was that I have continued to write blogs at fairly regular intervals. I honestly believed that I would be able to write 6, or maybe 7, and then that would be it. I also thought that the novelty of having a blog site would wear off. How wrong could I be! This blog is my 24th effort since mid July.

I soon recorded my 500th hit within the first two months of the inception of my blog. I have to admit there was a fair amount of shameless promotion in reaching that figure. I hassled friends and family to click onto my blog and read my stories. Workmates also suffered my powers of persuasion and I managed to influence Jia and the Bunno Bumpkin to take up blog writing!

By now I was getting regular visitors to my blog and that was very pleasing. So at this junction I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my regular readers! You all know who you are!

I then added an RSS feed to the blog site and made it easier for my readers to subscribe to the blog site. I was also starting to receive good feedback from the comments that some of my readers left and this was very comforting to myself.

Anyway, I always thought that it would be good to register the 1,000th hit, and this week it happened! I reached the magical mark in just under 4 months of having my blog site! To say I was excited about this would be a huge understatement. I now want to go on and get to 2,000 as soon as possible!

To date my blog has been viewed by 34 different countries on every continent in the World. I can safely say it's a truly global blog! Newer countries that have been recorded are Latvia, Cyprus, Argentina, FYR Macedonia, Yemen, Finland, Philippines and Egypt just to name a few. Australia, naturally, is my main market and it accounts for approximately 2/3 of all my hits. This is followed by the UK, US and France.

Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and London are the main cities where the hits are coming from. However, I am popular in the US city of Tulsa as it is my 6th most popular city! This is followed by Dubai (Hi Nesreen), Manila and about 40 other cities! Strangely New York is not a big market for me at present.

So there you have it, a milestone has been reached. Something I never dreamt of happening has well and truly happened! Onwards and upwards to 2,000! Maybe I should also think about compiling a book of my blogs. However, I'll leave that for another day!


Anonymous said...

Well done!! You make our team proud! Hope we too will be well-versed in blog writing before you hit your 2000th blog. I know, given the pace I might need to hurry up :)
Keep up the good work!
Best Jia

DNW said...

Thanks, Jia. Hopefully your second blog will be out before Easter 2008!

Anonymous said...

1000 hits. You know you have to get 6996 to match The Don, and get it at a VERY good average.

I've had 1000 hits too. Mostly from ex-wives. Probably deserved them.

Does having Nigel as a middle name give you a complex?

DNW said...

Well you must have been 'Floundering' to get that many hits! No Nigel is not an impediment as I do not advertise that fact!