05 September 2008

Tales of 'No Worries'

"It was only about 30 seconds later when she realised she was in the wrong car!... Immediately the clerk informed her that she was four years too early!"

Regular readers will know that on occasions my blog mentions my wife who has been nicknamed "No Worries". This moniker was chosen by my wife and it perfectly sums her up. This week, while I was recovering from our eldest daughters' birthday party, No Worries suggested that I write a blog about her. My initial thought was "nah" and then I thought "maybe it is a good idea" as I drank another beer. So here are some stories about the one and, thankfully, only No Worries.

In brief, No Worries is a what can loosely be labelled 'scatterbrained'. She always seems to have her mind on about 10 different things at any one time. She says its called 'multi-skilling' but I am not sure if that is the correct wording! As such she is always misplacing things. Almost everyday No Worries will say things like "do you know where I have put my mobile phone?"

You can substitute 'mobile phone' for 'wallet', 'sunglasses' or any other object really. On occasions she misplaces her sunglasses only to find they are already on her head! Her wallet is now well travelled and is sometimes 'left' at homes of our friends or even, on two occasions, a business centre. No Worries response to this is normally "no worries, I will collect it in 2 weeks time".

Some classic, and hilarious moments it must be said, include No Worries (who is of Indian background) losing a boarding pass for a flight from London to Paris. This happened just after 9-11 and my wife had to remain on the tarmac outside the plane until security clearance could be given for her to board the plane. Hence the flight was temporarily delayed. As she entered the plane there were a few stern looks in her direction from the other passengers.

Then there was the occasion when No Worries had been out with some of her cousins on a Saturday night. As they entered the car park to go home No Worries made her way to what she thought was the correct car, and sat in the back of it and put her seat belt on. It was only about 30 seconds later when she realised she was in the wrong car! The occupants were initially worried that someone was going to take them hostage. I am sure No Worries left the car saying something like "oops, sorry. No worries!".

Even last week there was another incident. Last year No Worries forgot to renew her driver's licence until after the expiry date. This year she realised that the date had passed again. So she went to the Motor Registry, waited 30 minutes and filled out a form to renew the Licence. No Worries made her way to the counter and handed the form to the clerk. Immediately the clerk informed her that she was four years too early! To save her coming in every 12 months, No Worries had taken out a 5 year driver's licence last year!

There are many more tales like this including the time she got locked in our house (at the time - courtesy of our 15 month old daughter). I received a phone call at work informing me of this event! I remember my wife saying "no worries, you can unlock the front door when you come home"

Most incidents involve leaving things behind. Fortunately No Worries has always brought our daughters home!

So there it is. A few tales of the one and only No Worries - my soul mate but most definitely scatterbrained!!

No Worries has just come home from a function and had some news for me. She has left her reading book (Personality Plus by Florence Littauer) at the hotel where the function was being held. Naturally her response was "no worries, I can purchase another copy". What more can I say....

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