30 September 2008

A Night Of Trivia

"The question that we all hate having to answer was about to be asked. "do you think these earrings go with my outfit?".....The quiz master then said "yes, but what number is he?" I was stumped. I meekly answered "two, three, four..."

In the past couple of weeks both No Worries and I have attended two trivia nights for our daughters schools. The idea behind them was to raise much needed money for these learning establishments.

Trivia nights are great and as I am a trivia fan I couldn't wait for the night to come around. I was like a child waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. To me trivia is a lot of fun. Whilst, I don't go pouring over facts and figures I do tend to remember a lot of useless facts. I don't know why, but I do.

Anyway, the first trivia night was for our eldest daughter and was a great success. Our team (of mums and dads) came second and we were just pipped at the post. Having said that, it was all a lot of fun and for a good cause. I even won two silent auctions - though why I bid on a Tupperware container and cup is beyond me now I think of it!

The second trivia night was the following weekend. We had to be at the venue at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. What we needed to do was to drop off our daughters with a family friend and then head to the venue. My job was to cook dinner and generally get the girls ready. My wife would be coming back from a jewellery party and would get some of the silent auction prizes ready. All pretty simple really.

The day was going according to plan - I got the girls ready, cooked them dinner and started getting ready myself. The clock on the wall showed it was 6.15pm. Plenty of time to make the trivia night and, hopefully, have a pre-quiz beer or two. The only thing I hadn't factored in was the No Worries factor. No Worries was in the bedroom getting herself ready for the big night. I went upstairs and gave her a quick "hi, we need to go soon if we want to make the start of the quiz". No Worries responded "okay". I wasn't so sure.

Next the thing that all guys dread happened. The question that we all hate having to answer was about to be asked. "do you think these earrings go with my outfit?" Now in circumstances like this the guy is in a no win situation. No Worries was wearing a black outfit so I assumed that anything would go with it. "erm, yeah...they go well" was my tentative reply. No Worries picked up on my apprehension. She responded with "aha, you don't like them!".

No worries then preceded to try on another 3 pairs of earrings before she was satisfied. Then she started to put together some jewellery for the silent auctions. By now the clock was saying 7pm! I reminded my wife that we needed to go asap otherwise we would miss the start of the quiz! I was starting to get frantic. I did not want to miss any questions.

Finally at 7.10pm we left the house. I had to drop off No Worries at the venue first before driving the girls to our family friend. After dropping my wife off I decided to take a number of back routes to get to our friends house. I got to the house with 10 minutes to go to the start of the trivia. I quickly farewelled the girls, gave our 'babysitters' some home made chocolate crackles (made by myself) and sprinted back to the car. Then it was Lewis Hamilton impression time to get to the trivia on time.

I parked the car and ran into the venue and made my way upstairs to the trivia room. The first question had been asked - it was a musical question (one of my fave subjects). I made my way to my table and could see that they didn't know the answer. This was my moment! I sat down and told the team the answer ('King of Wishful Thinking' by Go West). I knew then that I was going to have a good night!

Despite my best efforts (and the teams) we came second again! I was chosen during the quiz to represent the table and answer a 'who am I' question. I was the first to answer it. The answer was Pope Benedict (the current head honcho of the Catholic Church). The quiz master then said "yes, but what number is he?" I was stumped. I meekly answered "two, three, four..." The quiz master said "sorry, I cannot give you the points!" I was shattered. However, I guessed the second 'who am I' question correctly!

Overall, the night was great. A few beers and finger food certainly helped it to be a success! No Worries, resplendent in her 4th different pair of earrings, even won a door prize! She was very happy about this. I was too - as there was not any Tupperware on offer in the silent auctions!

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