30 July 2008

Where have all the Red Dots gone???

"Seeing those red dots multiply (like rabbits) and grow larger (again like rabbits) was a sense of great pride to me...Had the Australian Goverment decided that red dots were 'Un-Australian'? "

Every now and then I visit my blog site just to see what comments have been left (or I should say look at the lack of comments!!). Yeah, I know, its egotistical but that sums up us Bloggers!! As you can imagine reviewing all comments received takes hardly any time at all - especially in my case.

I then look at my statcounter to see how many 'hits' I have had. For the uninitiated that is the number of 'blog pages' clicked on by visitors. Next I view the Feedjit visual feed which tells me where in the world I am getting 'hits' from. Finally, I check my Clustr Map that is situated on the right hand side of the blog site. This map registers a red dot for every 'hit' I receive. If a location accumulates a large number of hits then the red dot gets bigger. Over the course of my first year as a Blogger the red dots have grown to cover a large portion of the map.

However, when I looked at my Clustr Map recently I noticed that I only had two red dots!! I thought I must have been suffering from tiredness but after rubbing my bloodshot eyes and looking again I could still only see two red dots. I was puzzled as my statcounter said that I had more than 2,200 hits (from 60 countries and growing - shameless promotion time!). The question now was "where had they gone?"

My Blogger ego was in despair. Seeing those red dots multiply (like rabbits) and grow larger (again like rabbits) was a sense of great pride to me. Now they were gone. Had my site been hacked by a phantom red dot stealer? Had the Australian Government decided that red dots were 'Un-Australian'? or were they being held hostage by the Cookie Monster? Whatever it was I was not a happy chappy or a happy vegemite!

I decided to ponder on this while I checked my emails. Now this can be a time consuming activity as I have 4 active email accounts. Anyway, I had received an email from the good team that had created the Clustr Map. The email advised that they had decided to archive the past years red dots which can be viewed via a link on the map. I breathed a sigh of relief, my dots were safe!! True to their word, my 'old' map was there with all of my beloved dots. Therefore I wouldn't need to send a threatening email to the Cookie Monster requesting my dots back!

Now my intention is to increase my hits over the coming 12 months and try and cover as much of the Clustr Map as possible.

Stay tuned to see how successful I will be. In the meantime, here is the archived map of my red dots!

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