20 May 2008

Getting Lost with No Worries!

"We may need another sat nav to locate our original one!" she said with glee. I just shook my head...Actually it looked like a mole's convention had been going on with all the humps on view."

Last Friday my wife (aka 'No Worries') and yours truly went to our eldest daughter's Catholic School Parish dinner. Nothing too unusual about that, you may think. After all, it's very common for schools with a religious slant to have a Parish dinner (or something similar) and help raise funds for it. For the past few weeks No Worries had been getting very excited reminding me that the dinner was coming up. It was also at a local venue that was only a 15 minute drive from where we lived.

No Worries and I are on the School Committee, or I should say that my wife is as I have yet to attend a meeting! Anyway, No Worries has very big nerdy tendencies (she is an accountant by qualification, after all) and had noted down all the details about where the event was being held and what time to arrive etc. From my point of view all I had to do was bring my zombie self home from work, have a quick shower, get changed and jump in the car. Too easy - or was it?

We had to pick up a mother who lived close by and was going to the Parish dinner like ourselves. I decided to sit in the back, squeezed between our two daughters, who were being dropped off at a friends house for a DVD, popcorn and chocolate cake night. Also, I thought that No Worries and our friend would like to talk about girly things!

After dropping off our daughters I noticed that No Worries was driving in the wrong direction to where we wanted to go. I had to take the mantle of a backstreet driver. "No Worries, why are you going in the wrong direction?". I got the response "oh, I thought this was a short cut?". Naturally, I pointed out it was not. "why don't you use our sat nav (GPS)" I said. My wife's response was a classic "its, erm, misplaced somewhere in the house. We may need another sat nav to locate our original one!" she said with glee. I just shook my head.

After, guiding No Worries back on track we soon found the function room. After signing in to the club we headed to the restaurant. Once there we noticed that there was a lack of people in the room. "perhaps we are early" remarked No Worries. I checked my watch. We were technically 10 minutes late! Another trait of my wife is her late arrival to most events. However, she is working on improving this.

A waiter came to us and we advised her that we were here for the Parish dinner. The response we got was "sorry the Parish dinner is not here". At this stage another waiter walked past. "are you looking for the Parish dinner?" "Yes" the three of us answered in unison. "well, you need to go to our other venue. It's just a small drive from here". I got the directions from the waiter and advised No Worries that I would drive. I had visions that we might end up in Canberra if my wife drove again!

In a little under ten minutes we reached the correct destination. The next step was to park the car in the car park. Normally this is a simple process. You find a spot and park the car, right? However, there were more speed ramps in this car park alone than the whole of Sydney! Actually it looked like a mole's convention had been going on with all the humps on view.

We were one of the last guests to arrive but I have to say we all had a great time. The food was good, beer great and we won a prize valued at approximately $150 for a $10 raffle ticket. All in all a great night.

On the way home No Worries reminded me that she once directed us to the wrong venue for a wedding. After traipsing through a beach side suburb for 30 minutes looking for a wedding that was non-existent, we found out that it was a further 20 minutes drive further north!

The moral of this story is quite simple really, but I'll let you work that one out for yourself!

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Mountaingirl said...

I drive myself so avoid the problem of getting lost (and also the pleasure of being able to blame someone else too now I think about it lol).

My worst 'getting lost 'story was when I took an incredibly irritating woman I had just had the dis-pleasure to meet on a 3 hour drive to a one day conference I really wanted to attend. She inisisted that we took her shortcut which resulted us in being incredibly lost out in farmland of WA and she is sitting there prattling "life is journey not a destination" then becoming mortally offended when I becmae a teeny-tiny bit upset....

sigh ...