18 April 2008

Stalking by Bluetooth

"It even comes with it's own sock! (presumably so it can sleep comfortably at night)...that was an easy one to work out. Even Einstein wouldn't have had any problems with that"

Recently I wrote a blog about a new mobile phone of mine that seemed possessed http://dw-perspectives.blogspot.com/2008/03/i-think-my-phone-is-possessed.html. Naturally, I changed this one for a phone that didn't require an exorcism every few hours. Also, the cost of getting an exorcism expert in frequently was costing way too much money! Anyway, last week I decided to replace the non-possessed phone for a more hi-tech, wham bam, thank you mam! type of phone. I chose the superbly styled Nokia E65.

Now for those of you who do not know much about the Nokia E65, let me tell you it's one helluva sexy phone! It oozes class and style - like a convertible car. It even comes with it's own sock! (presumably so it can sleep comfortably at night) Functionally speaking, it's a slide up phone that has all the normal features as well as bluetooth, infra red, web browsing, IM chat, Real Player, File Manager etc etc. In short, it is akin to a mini computer.

Anyway, enough drooling over the phone! The other day I was trying to email Jo (a.k.a. the face of Qantas!) a picture that I had taken with, yes you guessed it, my new Nokia. I couldn't work out how to do it until another work colleague, the multilingual Jia, said "why don't you bluetooth it?" Initially, I thought that Jia wanted me to do something with my teeth. Then I realised she meant my 'classy' new phone.

With Jia's help I was able to 'transmit' the pic to Jo's phone. What I realised was that with my new Nokia I could scan for other people who had bluetooth activated on their phones. With the Bluetooth functionality you can create any id or name. I used my initials (boring I know but I could think of anything else!) for my purposes.

So for the next few days I had the 'sexy' Nokia E65 roaming the Sydney CBD to see who else has bluetooth access. I have to admit that the phone detected some interesting bluetooth identities!

While I was walking up to Elizabeth Street my phone picked up an id called "Sexy Lexy"* I looked around but couldn't see anyone who looked 'Sexy' let alone 'Lexy' Maybe she had driven past me in a car. Then I walked past a tall Sikh guy and my Nokia picked up "Sikhs Rule!"* Well that was an easy one to work out. Even Einstein wouldn't have had any problems with that. Later on, I came across another id that said "I Love Bhutan"* I swiftly glanced all around me but couldn't see anyone looking even slightly Bhutanese.

The results were interesting on the train ride home too. I came across a "Bruce"*, "Thommo"*, "Maggie"* and "Dakoolguy"* It was fun trying to match the faces of the passengers to their Bluetooth id. Then I had an idea. Maybe I have stumbled across a new way for people to meet new friends. What if someone sent a message or a picture to another Bluetooth user saying things like "hello" or "how are you today?" or even an image of a Smiley face. If the other person accepts your message then it could be the start of a great new friendship.

So I challenge you, dear reader, to get your mobile phone out and set your bluetooth service to roam and see what names come up. If you find one you like send them a message. Put a smile on their dial! After all, in this day and age no one has any time for the pleasantries of yesteryear. I'd be interested in any results, so please let me know what happens.

* I was advised by my legal counsel (the multilingual and Rammstein loving Jia) to change the real names that appeared as id's. This is to protect me from the copious bouts of laughter that I get every time I recall the real id's!

Wow, I've amazed myself that somehow I got Rammstein into one of my blogs - who'd have guessed that!


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