12 March 2008

I think my phone is possessed!

"I have to admit that shopping for a mobile phone is harder that looking for a car!..."yes, the phone is possessed" he said nervously"

Recently my mobile phone (or cell phone for my US readers) stopped working properly. What happened was that I could make and receive calls, even hear the person on the other line but they couldn't hear me. Some might say that this was a good thing! However, seeing as I use my mobile phone for work reasons as well as for personal use there was only one thing I could do. Buy a new mobile phone.

To be honest my old phone had served the cause well for the past 3.5 years and had probably exceeded its life cycle. Anyway, i traipsed off to the shops on the lookout for a phone that would suit my needs. I have to admit that shopping for a mobile phone is harder that looking for a car! There are so many styles to choose from. There's flip tops, ones that act as pseudo computers, others that act as satellite navigation devices and so on. What I was looking for was one that had all the main features - phone, camera, radio, MMS etc.

I ended up purchasing a Nokia 5070 as it suited my needs. Also, it fitted my price range. I left the store and quickly hurried back to work (it was my lunch break) to play with my new toy. As everyone knows men love gadgets. I am no exception to that. In fact, I felt like a child on Christmas Day after seeing all the presents that Santa has left. By the way Santa, where's my Porsche!!

The phone looked good and was easy to use so I started charging it. I didn't start using it until I got home. However, when I made some phone calls I noticed strange things were happening. Every time I rang someone the phone would bleep and the number '6' would appear many times on the phone screen. Quite often at the end of the call I would have 666. As you Book of Revelation readers would know its a significant number!

The strange thing was that if people rang me then the phone was fine. When I rang them a row of sixes appeared. After a while the numbers '5' and '4' appeared too. Phew, I thought, at least it's not that cursed then! The obvious thing was to take the phone back to the shop where I bought it from and get another one.

So, during another lunch break, I made my way back to the shop and informed the shop assistant that my phone was possessed. He looked at me and gave a polite laugh. It was obvious that he didn't believe me. Anyway, he took the phone to the back of the store for further inspection. He seemed to be gone ages and I wondered what could be going on. After about fifteen minutes he returned.

By now he looked a paler colour than he was when he first served me. "yes, the phone is possessed" he said nervously. "We'll give you a new one".

As he was doing this he asked me a few questions about the numbers that appeared. I replied that they seemed random but normally it was just the number 6 that appeared many times. Then the assistant leaned forward and in a whisper like voice said "have you ever seen the keypads move as the numbers appear on the screen?" I was startled and told him "no". He then gave me my new phone and I left the shop.

On the way back to work I started wondering if maybe the shop assistant had seen the keypads move on their own. I shrugged this thought off and walked faster as I wanted to play with my new fully functional toy!


Mountaingirl said...

Never heard of a possessed phone but glad you have a new one. When I swapped my hone over last time I had the saleman in stitches - I actually wanted a phone that could sms. No not the internet, not an mp3 player, not a camera ... just a phone. He kept asking me if I was serious because apparently *no one* just wants a phone. Sigh, ended up with one with gadgets anyway... no such thing as a "phone" anymore :-)

Anonymous said...

wow now i am scared to go get a new phone, hope the newbie is working well and i agree with mountaingirl, there is no such thing as just a phone anymore

Anonymous said...

Good to here someone else has had the possessed phone. Mine does the exact same thing. For a while I thought it was the way I was holding it when talking. I was hoping to find a fix for it on the net but id say nokia don't want to know.