15 March 2008

Lights out!

"in the show the 'Biggest Loser' is the loser actually the contestants or the viewer?...No sport on television. Hooray, say half the world’s population. All the men, however, say ‘noooooo’"

Us human's are funny creatures. We really are. On face value we are very outgoing but deep down we are myopic and secular. We only want to know what's in it for us without really caring about what the future holds. I am sure that everyone at most times is like this. We are continuously wrapped up in a material world always wanting the latest gadgets, etc.

Well, brothers and sisters (putting on my preaching hat now), we can do something about changing the way we are. On March 29th the World Wildlife Fund has arranged for the second annual Earth hour event. What this is is a global initiative for people in cities living all around the world to turn off their lights for one hour. This will be a symbolic gesture to let everyone know that we need to get serious about global warming, etc. Also, it gives everyone a chance to save money on their electricity bills!

Last year it was held in Sydney and was a great success. The candles came out for that one hour which took me back to the good old power cuts we used to get in the 1970's when I was really really young. Last year it was a lot of fun not having to watch television, use a 'puter or play some music. What it meant was that people had to, dare I say it, communicate with their partners, children, friends, pet stick insect etc. Quite a challenge these days!

So enough of the preaching (hat now removed). After all, this blog is supposed to be humerous and, at times, well and truly wacky! So I have listed a number of things that we can all do without for that one hour on March 29th 2008:

  • No reality shows on television. After all, in the show the 'Biggest Loser' is the loser actually the contestants or the viewer? You decide.
  • Unable to listen to the latest Celine Dion cd! Enough said methinks!!
  • Won’t be able to read the latest trashy women’s weekly magazine. I am sure that Brad and Angelina won’t mind if you don’t find out about their life for at least another 60 minutes!
  • No sport on television. Hooray, say half the world’s population. All the men, however, say ‘noooooo’.
  • No Internet access. For some this may be too hard to do, but getting away from Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube etc may be a good thing after all.
  • Unable to microwave a frozen dinner. Good, make a sandwich by candlelight or just drink a nice not so cold beer! – us English are used to this.
  • No hot water for a shower or bath. Just wait for 60 minutes and stop whingeing!
  • Missing the live updates from Ougadougo of the world tiddlywinks championships. If you miss them that much then you seriously need to get a life!

So as you can see a lot of fun can be yours on this day. If you have any other ideas as to what we won't be missing during this hour then let me know. If you want to participate then click on the following link for further info:


PS: Ougadougo is the capital of Burkina Faso.

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Mountaingirl said...

You can count me in!

All I know is that it is the perfect excuse for a nap, or to watch the stars ... well that is what I did last year (the second option, not the first).

At the end of my night shift so my witty button went to sleep some hours ago :-)