28 December 2007

Five months of Blogs!

"advised me to travel from Sydney to Ashfield (approx 15kms) via Broken Hill (approx 1,000kms). Naturally I took the short route...and, wait for it, bus spotting!!!"

At this time of the year most media outlets do a review of the past twelve months for their readers. Well, I thought, why shouldn't I do one too? After all, since I have started writing blogs I have had hits from 37 countries (latest one - Guatemala thanks Rak!). Also, it will act as a nice filler while I get around to writing my next 'proper' blog.

So without further ado, here is my blog review since I started writing them five months ago.

Back in July I started my blog life with an introduction of myself. It is always a great idea to let your audience know a few things about you, the writer. Having said this I am not sure what riveting snippets of information a reader would have gleaned from the twenty facts about myself.

July was also the time when I encountered my first bus ride to nowhere. For some reason the north western suburbs of Sydney can be daunting to get to if you want to catch bus number 610x! This was followed up by my description of my daughters DVD 'the Fairies' which contained Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee who seemed to be acted by a 96 year old who was missing his zimmer frame!

August came along and the weather got slightly warmer. This month really did have a travel feel to it. My second experience of the bus ride to nowhere lead me to Beaumont Hills, surely Sydney's answer to Stepford! This was followed up by an online direction website who advised me to travel from Sydney to Ashfield (approx 15kms) via Broken Hill (approx 1,000kms). Naturally I took the short route.

Springtime in September was dominated by APEC, as a number of world leaders came to Sydney to discuss economic matters, etc. However, my blogs gave a different version. I intimated that the world leaders were playing scrabulous on Facebook as well as Texas hold 'em poker. Also, the milk monster reared its ugly head for the first time as litres of the white liquid starting disappearing from my fridge. The month was capped off with a flight to London leaving from the non-existent departure gate A47!

For most of October I was in England for family reasons. Despite this I was able to write about the quirkiness of the English (including myself). This incorporated the English love of antique programmes, the weather, the national lottery and, wait for it, bus spotting!!! The last one truly baffled myself. Finally, I flew back from one of the worst airports in the world - Heathrow.

November started with myself suffering from jet lag and the milk monster still in fine form. I had to attend an introduction night for my eldest daughters school for next year. This proved quite an experience as all the parents had to relive their first day at school. Naturally, I couldn't remember anything! As the month started to get warmer so the smell of body odour got stronger. I covered this in one of the blogs also pointing out that all the air-con trains seem to disappear as the weather gets warmer. November was rounded off with a visit to Canberra and the discovery of a public toilet website for the whole of Australia!

So onto December. Early on I became a part owner of an English football club via an online website. All of a sudden I felt important. My $82 was money well spent. I then had an experience with a sleep pod in the city. The only problem with this was that the voice in my headphones kept me from sleeping! Next I was being asked to be the next (back of) head supermodel for an advertising campaign. Naturally I agreed to do this and am awaiting the photo shoot. Finally, my latest blog covered the trials and tribulations of the Secret Santa.

As you can see it's been a fun packed last five months. Feel free to scroll through my blog site to view these stories in their entirety plus a few I haven't mentioned.

Anyway, have a great New Year and I'll be back in 2008 with more fun adventures for you to read!

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