13 December 2007

Am I the next Head Supermodel??

"My reply was very affirmative "oh, cool" I said, wondering what was being planned....I could become the first 'back of the head' supermodel!"

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you will know that I work in the Sydney CBD. What you may not know is that I work out of two offices - lucky me! The main one is the head office which is situated in one of Sydney's tallest buildings. I refer to it as the 'Mothership' and this moniker has nothing to do with the excellent Led Zeppelin compilation of the same name.

The other office is much smaller and located near the north side of Darling Harbour. It's actually an office we share with an eco-friendly tourism company. While it lacks a lot of the facilities and city views of the Mother Ship, it suits our needs well. The staff from the tourism company are great ,and we all have a good time sharing the office, even though the air-con can be cold at times.

Well the other day I walked into the shared kitchen when the COO (Chief Operations Officer) of the tourism company spoke to me and said "Hi, would you please turn around as I need to look at the back of your head"

Now I have received some unusual requests in my time, including being asked to take part in an identity parade for a police case (I declined their warm hearted and kind offer, as I was on holiday at the time - sort of), but to be asked to show the back of my head seemed a tad strange. Naturally my reply was "yes, okay" .

The COO scrutinised my head for what seemed like ages, but in actual fact it was only a few seconds. He then said 'hmm...you will do" By now my mind was racing at the speed of light. What did he mean "you will do"? My reply was very affirmative "oh, cool" I said, wondering what was being planned for the back of my head.

"We want to use the back of your head for one of our photo shoots" said the COO. "huh" was my startled reply. What is he on about? Does he need to change his medication? was my second thought. By now he could see I was totally puzzled.

"Oh, sorry. I should have explained. We need someone of a certain age who is not going bald, and you fit the bill. Do you want to do the shoot?" Naturally I replied "yes" Fortunately my good crop of hair comes from my mothers side. I made a mental note to thank her the next time I rang home.

My mind immediately went into overdrive. Wow, this could be the start of something big. The back of my head will be seen by thousands of people in Australia, and maybe overseas! I could become the first 'back of the head' supermodel! Just think of all the parties that I could be invited to. I could be rubbing shoulders with Brad and Angelina very soon. Maybe I could do the chat show rounds too!

Time will tell if success finds its way to my feet. At present the photo shoot hasn't been arranged. However, I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you see any eco-tourism adverts just remember that one of the heads in it may be mine!

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