04 August 2007

Shameless Promotion (and a free set of steak knives).

"has been read by 0.0125% of the population....promise them more chocolates"

The amazing thing about blogs is the fact that they can be read by people from all around the world. That is, of course, if you have set your blog settings to allow all viewers to read your epic tomes and given them the option to leave comments.

So far, yours truly, has had hits from a number of countries and exotic locations around the world. Although 'exotic' is not a word I would use to describe Chatham in England! The one location that really amazed me was the hit that I received from the Isle of Man. Now I am not going to go into details about this tax haven that is situated between NW England and Northern Ireland as I may use it as subject matter for a blog down the (beaten) track. However, by my calulations my blog has been read by 0.0125% of the population of the Isle of Man!

This got me thinking as to how I could shamelessly promote my blog and therefore get hits from all around the world. So here are my top 8 ways to do this (drum roll please):

  1. Invite all your family and friends around for a party. When they are leaving give them a farewell gift of chocolates containing a 'with compliments' card that has your blog address. Promise them more chocolates if they visit your blog.

  2. Ring a leading talkback radio station who are interviewing a senior politician. Whilst discussing the GDP of the 'Peoples Democratic Republic of Wango Tango' ask the pollie what effect the GDP of that country will have on your blog.

  3. Go to a live television broadcast and hold up a sign saying "free money" with a link to your blog. It doesn't matter that you are not giving away money as its the hits to your site that counts!
  4. Admit that you are an ex-lover of Paris Hilton and that you will reveal all through your blog. You should pick up lots of cheap hits this way. On second thoughts, maybe this isn't a good form of shameless promotion...

  5. Sponsor a show on Community television. The best and cheapest option is to sponsor a show after midnight. Not only will you save money but you will attract the right type of audience to your blog – night owls, shift workers, caffeine impaired persons etc.

  6. Convince a salsa dancer with a top Sydney dancing troupe to email all her friends around the world. Also, advise her to spread the blog gospel while she is away at a salsa convention in Malaysia (hi, Jo!).

  7. Visit websites of obscure countries and leave messages on all forums that you find. Don’t worry if they cannot read English – just provide a hyperlink to your blog. Before long you will have hits from places like Turkmenistan, Angola etc.

  8. Buy some cheap t-shirts and arrange for your blog address to be written on them. For increased effect get your family, friends and pets (dogs, cats, stick insects etc) to wear them as well.

Well there it is, 8 great ways of increasing traffic to your blog. I was going to try and get to 10 but tiredness, combined with my need for another coffee, has limited me to 8!

Naturally, this author would never undertake any of the above ways to increase hits. Or would he? You decide!


Anonymous said...

Number 9: send your friends an email, visit them and say: "click here!"

This option requires a bit of work, but it works hey :D

Anonymous said...

Number 10:

Attach your Blog site to this "shameless promotion":


Parton Words said...

Number 11: Put a link to your blog on your own radio station's website.