18 August 2007

500 and counting!

"the only other comment I have received is from a well known radio personality....when I checked the location of the hit it pointed to a cemetary!"

When I first started my blog I didn't really think about how many 'hits' it was going to receive. In fact, I didn't think anyone outside of myself would be interested in it. However, within a couple of days, I was starting to get hits from outside of Australia. To say I was surprised would have been a huge understatement. Well, just a shade over a month later my blog has passed the 500 mark!

So, to celebrate this achievement I thought it would be a groovy idea to look at some of the stats thus far.

To date my blog has been viewed in 16 countries (only another 200+ to go!). Technically it is 15 as I have included the Isle of Man (after all, they do have their own Parliament!). The list of countries include the obvious ones - Australia (home country), UK, USA, Canada and then the less obvious like Chile (2 hits - g'day to all my Andean readers!), United Arab Emirates and, of course, the Isle of Man! I am still awaiting a hit from the land of Borat. If you can help me to get a Kazakhstan hit then please do!

Naturally, the bulk of my hits are Australian (yes - shameless promotion and coercion accounts for a lot of them!). Just under 87% of all hits come from Down Under. Some might say that I am responsible for 85% of them but that is untrue. Maybe 84% would be closer! Only joking. Interestingly, aside from friends comments the only other comment I have received is from a well known radio personality in Canberra! This just proves that quality people are reading my blog!!

Cities and towns where my blog has been read include Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Ulm, Palo Alto, Chatham, Pune and the aptly named Grass Valley! Overall, my blog has been viewed in more than 30 different cities.

The country with the highest percentage of readers has to be the Isle of Man as I had one hit from Douglas. Given the small population I can safely say that 0.0125% of the population has viewed my blog!

My popularity (blog speaking) isn't just from this world! I recently had a hit from Calgary, Canada - nothing unworldy about that, you might say. However, when I checked the location of the hit it pointed to a cemetery! Some might say there isn't a market for blogs in a cemetery but my stats prove otherwise! Similarly, I had a hit from Stockholm, Sweden which had the location as being in the middle of the Stockholm river!

So there it is, a brief overview of my blog stats. I have now put up an RSS feed for anyone who wants to subscribe to my blog. My stats indicate that I do have a handful of regular readers outside of myself!

Here's to the next 500...and hopefully lots of comments!


Anonymous said...

You have noted a great number of hits from a great many places. However, you do realise that none of this counts until you have had a hit from Kent, don't you.

I think a hit from either a Kentish Man or a Man of Kent will carry equal weight, but a hit from both may carry bonus points.

How is God's team doing in the County Championship?

DNW said...

Hi - Anonymous! Methinks you need a geography lesson!! Chatham is indeed in Kent, which is also my birth town. We must catch up soon.