29 July 2007

A tale about Fairies and the Bizzy Buzzy Bee...or is it?

"You don't want to be caught out by the intense grilling of a 3 year old....Barnaby looked like he was missing his zimmer frame"

There I was at home on a Saturday morning with some time to myself. I said to myself "self, let's watch a dvd with my daughters". Naturally my self agreed! The week prior the family had visited the Sydney Coffee and Aroma festival at the Rocks. This is a festival where you can sample many great coffees and teas as well as tantalising your senses with something exotic like chai or organically grown chocolate. Naturally we sampled some of the goods on offer, and our daughters really loved the babycinos.

Whilst there we noticed that the Sydney ABC radio station was broadcasting. Before I knew it my wife and I were being interviewed live on air! The interview was short and sweet and listeners to the radio would have gleaned that I am the coffee drinker and my wife is the tea (or chai) drinker. My wife, it has to be said, makes a mean home grown chai.

Anyway, the presenter gave our daughters a DVD from a television show called the "Fairies". It's aimed at the toddler end of the market and is Australian made. We were all surprised and happy, as the rain came down, that the 'gals' were given this DVD.

Now I must confess, that I know nothing, zilch, nada about the Fairies except what is written on the DVD case. However, I am an expert on most things "Fifi and the Flowertots" or "Dora the Explorer", courtesy of my daughters. As a parent its like having an initiation test from your 3 & 4 year old when they start asking you questions like "name all the characters in Fifi". Frantically, you get the urge to scamper to the computer and visit the relevant website and try and remember all the characters off by heart! You just don't want to be caught out by the intense grilling of a 3 year old. Trust me!!

Back to the Fairies. We sat down to watch the DVD and the gals were glued to the screen. While they were having a good time my wife and I decided to drink our home made chai and watch the show.

The show started and the two main characters were called Harmony and Rhapsody. They live in Fairyland and do all things that Fairies do, I suppose. Averaged sized Harmony has blonde hair and is slightly older that the slim and brunette Rhapsody. They sing songs and have great adventures with their friends and 'real children' who believe in fairies.

One of their friends is a colourful character called Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee. When Barnaby the Bizzy etc etc came into view my wife and I nearly choked on our chai! In most children's shows the actors are normally fairly young and that is, in part, their attraction to their audience. However, poor old Barnaby looked like he was missing his zimmer frame! He came into Fairyland waving his arms as if to fly. In truth, I would have given more chance to there being Martians on Mars than seeing Barners fly!

My first thought was that the actor playing Barnaby etc etc, must have been on the club and RSL scene way too long! I had visions of him having done stand up comedy at some dingy smoky club in front of a crowd of 10 punters and a barmaid. Hopefully my vision was incorrect.

During the show I really thought he was going to have a cardiac arrest at anytime! It got even better, or worse as the case may be, when one of the episodes on the DVD related to Barnaby the etc etc having a birthday. My first thought was it must be his 96th birthday, or maybe he was going to receive a telegram from 'Her Majesty' for cracking the ton! Sadly, his age was not revealed. Though he gallantly laboured on through the story.

Barners did seem out of place alongside Harmony and Rhapsody but as for our daughters they didn't seem to notice. Although he looked out of place, when surrounded by the Fairies, he was at least being entertaining.

Next time I'll put the Dora or Fifi DVD on......

nb: subconcious thanks to Skip Ross.

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