14 July 2007

Let me introduce myself...

"I do cook a mean pizza on the bbq!...I have never worked in a cafe"

As this is the first posting for my blog I thought it was a good idea to give you, the inquisitive reader, some details about myself.

I suppose I have wanted to do a blog for a while now but have never gotten around to it. However, I have been inspired by a co-worker (the inimitable David Castor) who has a fantastic blog. Check it out at: http://ministryofincompetence.blogspot.com/. So I have decided that the time is now ripe for my almighty or not so almighty blog!

As promised earlier here are some facts about me that only family and some friends would know:

  1. I was born in England in a lovely (?) town called Chatham in the county of Kent.
  2. Apparently the year I was born was also the coldest winter on record.
  3. I am left handed but use my right hand when using a computer mouse, scissors, golf clubs, cricket bats etc. So I suppose I am slightly ambidextrous.
  4. I have one sister who is 3 years older than me.
  5. I came to Australia neary two decades ago.
  6. I am married to my wife (hehehe) who is an Aussie of Indian (Punjabi) background.
  7. We have two lovely daughters who will soon turn 5 & 4 respectively.
  8. I love football (aka Soccer) and have supported Manchester City since I was a young boy.
  9. I love cricket too. Especially Kent, England and Australia (its good to back a winning team!).
  10. Music is a great passion of mine. Though I like a myriad of different styles I am a rocker first and foremost.
  11. I work in finance - currently as a systems analyst working on a management system.
  12. My best friend knocked out my front top tooth while we were playing cricket many years ago. Yes, we are still great friends.
  13. I once walked from London to Brighton (53 miles, 81 kms) for charity aged 17.
  14. I acted the part of a uni student in a mini movie called "something rather special" when I was 18.
  15. I like reading any type of book. However, growing up I was a huge horror fan (James Herbert, Stephen King).
  16. I am lucky to have a great wife who is an excellent cook. Despite this, and my lazy tendencies, I do cook a mean pizza on the bbq!
  17. I did a barista course and have a commercial certificate. However, I have never worked in a cafe making coffee!
  18. I love crosswords and am just beginning to get into su-doku.
  19. I consider myself a trivia buff and love all useless facts.
  20. I have watched more Bollywood movies than Hollywood lately.

Well there it is twenty pieces of valuable information about myself! Phew, now I can move on.

My intention is to write blogs about any subject that is on my mind at that time. Already, I have a couple of topics in mind so keep visiting my site for further updates.




David Castor said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Derek. Didn't know you walked 81 kilometres for charity - I'm most impressed!

DNW said...

Thanks David! Its much appreciated. Walking 81kms was quite hard but very worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Now you've got 3 hits!!

Didn't know 2, 4, 12, 13, nor half of 15 & 16. So there you go.

You did the 81 Km's by accident, didn't you? You were drunk and just started tagging along, or something....


DNW said...

PMCD, Thanks for your "floundering" comments! Actually, I got lost walking through London and ended up in Brighton! no alcohol was consumed that day hic!