25 March 2012

Football Networking!

The following is an article that I wrote for the Ebbsfleet United matchday programme v Kettering.  The good news is the Fleet won 1-0!!

Anyway, for those not lucky enough to get to the game, here is my latest offering:

Sport is becoming very connected with social networking sites nowadays.  A quick internet search will provide you with a number of networking sites where you can find your favourite sporting teams and players.  Aside from the obvious marketing aspect, it is a chance for fans like you and I to follow our idols.  For example, there are many Facebook pages that cater for our sporting cravings.  Then there is Twitter where you are able to follow your favourite player, read their tweets and, if you are lucky enough, get a reply from them. In some respects it’s like belonging to a family as you follow all their highs and lows. 

Naturally, there are other social networking sites which are becoming used more and more often.  However, I cannot imagine a transfer listed player updating their resume on LinkedIn or through Viadeo.

This social networking phenomenon got me thinking, which is rare enough these days.  I was wondering if, in the future, networking platforms such as Twitter and Four Square would become totally interactive within an actual game.  Would there be a time when players and officials could send tweets as events unfolded on the field?

For example, the Tevez incident, when he refused to go on as a substitute for Manchester City in the Champions league, could have gone something like this:

Tevez (via Twitter) “There is no way I am going on as a sub.  Who does Mancini think I am? A second rate player???”  Mancini (via Twitter) “what the…that’s it! This clown is notta going to play fora me again! Wait until we getta back to the changing roomas!!”

A referee could, for example, tweet immediately after a penalty appeal has been turned down:
“What a muppet! No way is he going to get a penalty diving like that!”  Meanwhile the player could respond “he took my bloomin’ legs! The ref is as blind as a bat! That was def a penalty guvnor!”
Four Square could also play a big part too.  We could have “Carlos Tevez is sitting on the subs bench in Munich” Or “Didier Drogba is lying face down in the penalty area at Stamford Bridge” or even “Mario Balotelli is in his bathroom in Manchester chasing fireworks”.

This brings me nicely to our favourite team, Ebbsfleet United.  Most of the players have Twitter accounts and recently the Gaffer himself is now merrily tweeting away.  A common theme amongst the majority of players except for their music tastes is Nandos! I wonder if there is a chance of a sponsorship deal for the team for next season!

Anyway, listed below are the Twitter accounts of the Ebbsfleet Players and Manager.  Feel free to send them tweets as I know they love receiving them.

Preston Edwards - @Preston_Eddy         
Ricky Shakes - @rickyshakes       
Ram Marwa - @RamMarwa                      
Liam Enver-Marum - @LIAM_E_M          
Callum Willock - @Callumwillock              
Johnny Herd - @h3rdy_11                         
Michael West - @MikeWest77                  
Joe Howe - @Howe88
Tom Phipp - @TomPhipp                          
Craig Stone – @stone_craig       
Ram Marwa - @RamMarwa                       
Liam Daish - @liamdaish                                
Neil Barrett - @NeilChezBarrett   

If you ever want to tweet me, then you can reach me on Twitter at @main_man                              

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