16 November 2011

What's My Word?

Every now and then I like to check up on my blog statistics to see where my readers are located when they came across my wonderful (ahem) blog.  Currently, just over 50% of my readers are, not surprisingly, from Australia.  My second biggest market is the US, followed by the UK in third place and Egypt in fourth position (thanks Amira!).

I also like to review what word searches readers used to get to my blog.  Naturally some of them make sense whilst others certainly don't! I do get a chuckle from some of them I have to admit. So, without further a do, here are some 'word searches' that caught my attention:

"showering in a moon boot" - regular readers will know I posted a few blogs about my Achilles injury which required an operation and the wearing of a moon boot.  However, why you would want to shower in one is beyond me! It sounds like a sexual fetish thing.  Maybe the boyfriend said "I'll shower in a moon boot, whilst you shower with me in a plastic coat!"  The mind boggles...

"Winehouse crutches" - How on earth googling the late Amy brought someone to my blog I don't know.  Not sure if she ever was on crutches.  Maybe at the last chance saloon she needed them to help her stand up after one too many.  Who knows?

"Marie Bashir (Sheila Moore)" - For the uninitiated Marie Bashir is the appointed Governor of NSW here in Australia.  However, I have no idea who Sheila Moore is! A quick browse on Google has Sheila Moore as an actor, a hypnotist, a computer nerd and psychic to name but a few.  Take your pick, really!

"my view of the wo" - Not sure what a "wo" is. Whatever it is, it gets a big thumbs up from me as I got another hit on my blog! Go the "Wo"

"is Charlotte from Charlottes web a huntsman" - No, she is most definitely a spider!!! (fyi - a huntsman is a hairy tarantula like spider found in Australia).

"Chatham shell suits" - Yes, I am from Chatham originally and sometimes mention it in my blogs.  However, I would not mention Chatham's no.1 designer fashion and a must have for all Chavs - the eponymous "shell suit".  I am sure I read a book many years ago about Prince Charles in a shell suit though!

"do you need cruthes with moon boots" - No, but crutches sometimes help. Oh, and do a spell check the next time you search on Google, you Muppet!

"november rain stock market" - Again, I am not sure how, if you Google Guns 'N Roses classic song with the stock market, it results in finding my blog.  However, it could be said that the stock market has more hits than the Gunners have had recently!!

There you have it, a whimsical look at some of the word searches that have helped bring my blog to a wider audience. Long may it continue!

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