05 July 2011

Why I became a MYFC Member and proud to be one!

The following is a blog of mine that has been posted on the "up the fleet" blog....

The first time I heard about MYFC was on a Friday night after a drinking session with friends in Sydney. Friday night drinks had become a ritual and it is a good way to catch up with friends and get ready for the weekend.

This evening I picked up a free newspaper to keep me occupied during my 30 minute train journey home. This newspaper was full of the usual dross when I came across an interesting article. Apparently an organisation called My Football Club were going to take over ownership of what is now Ebbsfleet United. My heart skipped a beat.

Being from Kent I had been to see the Fleet on numerous occasions over the years and certainly had a soft spot for them. I even pestered a friend of mine to send me a video of the Aston Villa FA Cup game!

I knew I wanted to be a part of this venture. Would I be too late to become a member? I had to find out!

I remember getting off the train and literally running home so that I could find out more information about this My Football Club thing. I logged on the computer and found out the relevant information. Sadly, I couldn’t see how I could register my interest. So I sent an urgent email to the address show on the webpage. Within 24 hours I had a reply. It gave me the response I wanted to hear. I could become a member!

Naturally, I registered straight away and my love affair with MYFC had begun.

So why am I still a member and what do I like about the MYFC journey?

There is more than one answer to that question. I like the fact that I can actually participate in the day to day running of a football club. Be it the kit design, potential sponsorships, gate admission and even deciding on whether a transfer of a player to another club should go through.

True there’s the less exciting things like reviewing the accounts, purchasing grass feeder, painting of the main stand etc. However, I like this. It is the real things that go into the running of a football club. I would encourage all members to take an interest in these things. Also with MYFC, you get to meet other passionate fans like yourself who want to do their best for the club.

I also have a couple of other reasons as to why I am a member.

I was born in Chatham (no jokes please about Chavs!) and am passionate about all things Kentish! Therefore if there is something I can do to make the Fleet more successful then I’ll do it! I think it is good to be proud of the area from which you come from.

Finally, I and others would love to see Ebbsfleet United enter the Promised Land that is League 2. Yes, there is a long way to go to achieve this Nirvana, but if we all pull together who knows what can happen. Just ask any AFC Wimbledon fan that question and see how they answer it!

So that’s my story behind why I am proud to be a MYFC member.


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