17 July 2011

Running Free

As most of you will know I love writing. I find it fairly easy, to be honest. It doesn't worry me if it is business, sport reporting, interviews or book writing, it seems to flow nicely. However, there is an aspect of my writing that must improve. If I had a report card it would be a D+. I am, of course, talking about poetry. I need to improve my poetic skills!

Inspired by my good friend and great poet (Nes), I have decided its time to see if I can conquer my Achilles heel (no pun intended to myself). So here goes:

Running Free

Running, chasing dreams, chasing my future

Sunshine all around, smiles, flowers blooming

Grey clouds close in, pressing down and suffocating

Can’t move, unable to chase the future

The sun rises again, movement is slow the future is near

The world turns round and round, again

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