28 October 2010

Isn't It ironic

"my souffle making skills have improved beyond measure....obviously the architect had a sense of humour!"

A few long years ago Alanis Morrissette released a song called 'Ironic'. It was a worldwide hit and is probably her most well known song. For the nerds reading this, the single was released in 1996. The songs lyrics revolve around the great ironies that is life itself.

The reason for mentioning this is not to promote the song or Alanis' music career but to mention it because I have come across a few ironies recently. What are these type of ironies that I have discovered? Well, dear friend, read on.

A few weeks ago I came across the Mosman Daily. It is a local, free newspaper that is delivered to residents in the lower north shore of Sydney. Nothing unusual or ironic about that is there? However, the irony is that the Mosman Daily is a weekly newspaper!! You would have thought that given it's not so daily frequencies that a name change would have been in order.

Following on from this we have a couple of women's magazines that too are similarly ironic. Now I must confess that when I am at a hairdressers I love looking at the gossip magazines. To say they are generally trashy is a bit of an understatement. Having said that, my souffle making skills have improved beyond measure!

Anyway, one of these magazines 'Womans Day' comes out on a weekly basis. Similarly, the 'Women's Weekly' comes out monthly. To quote the words of the great Rove McManus "what the...". In fact, to call them magazines is quite ironic....

Moving away from magazines, Sydney has an iconic building that falls into this ironic category. In the CBD you will find a building called Australia Square. It is close to Circular Quay and boasts a revolving restaurant at the top of it. Nothing unusual with that, you would think. However, the irony is that Australia Square is actually a circular building! Obviously the architect had a sense of humour.

Well these are a few of my ironic things. Maybe you have some too. If so let me know. In the meantime I will leave you with this. Did you know that you can catch a bus in the CBD of Sydney to a place called Round Corner? To date I am still trying to find this place. Maybe it's around the corner after all!

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