25 February 2009

3,000 and counting!

About a month ago I received my 3,000th hit for my blog. Now some of you may think that I am personally responsible for 2,999 of them. Well, sorry to disappoint you but I am not. However, maybe 2,998 of them I am responsible for! hehehehe.

Statistically speaking it has taken me approximately 18 months to achieve this milestone. Which equates to more than 160 hits a month. I have to admit that I have achieved this goal much quicker than I had initially thought. On top of this I have received hits from countries that I have never received hits from before. These countries include Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Iceland and Bulgaria to name just a few.

So my blogs are spreading their tentacles quicker around the world than the Global Credit Crisis.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs. It truly is appreciated.

So please come back regularly and feel free to subscribe to my blog if you wish.


1 comment:

The Parsons said...

Well done DNW! Hope it's all going well for you & to catch up soon. Cheers, CP