22 October 2008

A Yarn about Music and Cream

"other owners of my MP3 brand had experienced similar issues except in relation to purchasing cream or listening to Celine Dion...Maybe a postmaster eating monster was hiding in the backroom and had eked out its revenge"

A couple of weeks ago I was on the train heading home after a busy day at work when my mobile phone rang. It was the wife aka "No Worries". I stopped listening to my MP3 player and answered it.

"Hi" said No Worries. "When you get off the train can you pick up some milk and cream, please?" I confirmed in the affirmative. After all, it would only take a few minutes to get these items. I then returned to my music which I was thoroughly enjoying as per usual. As most of my family and friends know I am a huge music fan and really love to listen to a wide variety of music (except Celine Dion hehehe).

After getting off the train, I headed to the local supermarket and purchased the milk and cream. Then I started to walk home. As I was walking past the local RSL club I inadvertently dropped my MP3 player. It hit the concrete path with a thud. I was aghast. My pride and joy had taken a fall. All of a sudden my heart started beating faster. Why did I drop it? Will it still work? What did No Worries want the cream for? These were the questions going through my mind.

Fortunately, it looked fine. I breathed a sigh of relief, my main source of music was okay. A national crisis, bigger than the global sub-prime crisis, had been averted - or so I thought.

A couple of days later I turned on my MP3 player only to find out that it had gone into a restore mode. Despite trying everything it would not get past this point and hence allow me to hear my music. I then decided to consult Mr Google. As it transpired other owners of my MP3 brand had experienced similar issues except in relation to purchasing cream or listening to Celine Dion.

It was then that something dawned on me. Maybe my MP3 had been terminally damaged. I picked it up and gave it a gentle shake. Something rattled inside and it wasn't a snake either! It was obvious that my player had gone to MP3 heaven. I would need to do something about it. Firstly, I would have to find out what happened to the cream. Then secondly, I would need to purchase a new MP3 player.

I decided to purchase one via Ebay. Although I am not a regular Ebayer I have bought and sold a few items via this medium. I researched all the MP3/MP4 players that were of interest and bid on the one that I wanted. It was 'dirt cheap' even though it would be shipped to Australia from another country.

I put in a bid and was successful. I was ecstatic. Soon I would be listening to my music again. I paid the money and waited for the MP4 player to arrive. After waiting a week it arrived in my letter box. I opened the package. Inside was one of the smallest MP4 players I had ever seen. It looked okay. However, it soon became evident that it was 'dirt cheap' as it was, to paraphrase myself, a piece of crap.

I was now quite sad. Not only did I not have an effective replacement I also was none the wiser about the cream! I had to resolve these two issues, and quickly (in case the cream went off).

Fortunately, I got an email about a highly reduced well known MP4. Straight away I headed to the web site and ordered one. As a bonus, I would also receive a silicon case for the player. I then waited, and waited and waited.

In all honesty, I only had to wait a few days. However, when it arrived we were out. So I had to wait until the weekend to pick it up from the Post Office. Even though this was only 72 hours I was getting impatient. I was really missing not listening to music on the sardine express (aka the train). At last Saturday came and I rushed to the Post Office to collect my new MP4 player. I handed over the delivery notice and the Post Master (or whatever he is called) went to the back room to find my package.

He was gone ages. I was wondering what was going on as I could here a lot of noises emanating from this room. My mind started wandering. Maybe a postmaster eating monster was hiding in the backroom and had eked out its revenge. After an eon, or so it seemed, he returned to the counter. "Sorry" said the Postmaster. "I cannot find it". Instantly I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. Would I ever get my package?

I asked him to check again, this time the postmaster eating monster was terminated and my package was found! At the same time bells started chiming in the local churches and the sun was shining again! The world was a happy place.

I took the package home and found an even smaller player that one I had bought via Ebay. It looked like a toy. Fortunately, it was wasn't. I read the instructions and started downloading music onto my new MP4 player.

Now I am happily listening to my music again while doing my best sardine impressions! As for the cream - well I never found out what it was used for. Who knows, maybe the postmaster eating monster took a liking to it!

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