01 August 2015

What To Write?

It’s been a long time between drinks, as the saying goes.  Or more to the point, a long time between blogs.  I could use the usual excuse that I have been busy these past few months and as such I have been time poor to write blogs, or I could just ‘fess’ up and say I really didn’t think about writing another one.  Whatever the case may be, the good news is ‘I’m Back’!
There are so many things to write about that I truly do not know where to start.  Indecisiveness kills the blogger. My recent (or not so recent) blogs have been fairly political and there’s plenty of subject matter of that ilk to write about.  Things like Bronwyn Bishop’s ‘Choppergate’ affair and her being put on ‘probation’ by Captain Tony Abbott is something I could get my teeth stuck into.  At times the whole incident is like a Laurel & Hardy sketch. Or maybe the Three Stooges (or Two) is more apt.  
The good point, from a bloggers point of view, is that our Prime Minister is always such a rich outlet of things that can be blogged about (think Captain’s Call and Shirt fronting).  It generally is one gaffe after another.  I’m sure a stand-up comedy show beckons Tony Abbott after he finishes his long and notorious political career.
Another hot topic currently is the Ashes cricket test series.  This is the ultimate Cricket battle.  A battle between England and Australia.  As at the time of writing this blog, the scores are level at one test all.  The Ashes are always keenly contested and there’s normally some controversial moment or two.  However, at the moment both teams are appearing to be behaving themselves.
Or maybe I could write about some music I have been listening to lately.  Recently, I have rediscovered the heavy rock group Saxon and have been listening to some of their most popular opuses.  One thing that struck me is how musically talented Saxon were/are.  There really is a huge chasm between the rock stars of today and those of yesteryear.
Alternately, maybe I should write about the Sydney winter.  July has certainly been one of the coldest winter months for many a year.  It even snowed heavily in the Blue Mountains a few weeks ago.  Mind you, winter in Australia is not like a winter in Europe.  To some it is ‘tropical’.  According to my weather application, tomorrow is going to be 6 degrees above the average close to the Mid 20’s.  Hardly winter weather indeed.

So I still don’t know what to write about.  Hang on a minute.  If I am not mistaken I have just written a blog!  

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