11 February 2012

A Festive Spirit!

Over the festive season the wife, aka No Worries, and our two growing daughters left the wilds of Sydney for the quieter realms of NSW Country life.  We were going to spend Christmas with my wife’s side of the family.

Certainly nothing unusual about that, except maybe the 10 hour drive north to Ballina and me driving through a number of storms. No Worries and I shared the driving whilst the girls got excited about the impending visit of a rather roundish man in a red cloak and a white beard!

We left Sydney on Christmas Eve and it was a fairly relaxing drive north except for No Worries driving across Taree bridge at 10kms an hour! But I won’t elaborate on that!

Christmas Day arrived and lo and behold my gals must have been very good, as Santa left a number of presents for them.  They were excited to say the least! The rest of the day was one of relaxation, food and drink and everyone having a good time.

Anyway, the subject matter of this blog is not one of Christmas festivities but one of a festive spirit of the ghostly kind (cue the lights going out, and the doors to creak).

It all started on Boxing Day.  I was drinking a fruit juice and placed it on the dinner table.  Out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw my half full glass move.  I didn’t say anything to anyone about it and quickly checked the glass.  It was not wet on the outside, which can make glass objects move on tables etc.  Anyway, I didn’t worry about it and carried on enjoying the company of my in-laws.

Fast forward a few days and we were staying at my mother in law’s place inland from Ballina.  We were all getting ready to head out somewhere when my wife noticed a toothbrush lying on our car seat.  It was mine! This was really weird as I had only used it no more than 20 minutes earlier.  After a few seconds I said that it was mine and took it back inside the house.  No Worries thought I was playing a joke but I wasn’t.  I asked my gals (who are bad at keeping secrets) and they said they didn’t do it. 

By now I was starting to think that maybe things were happening of an unusual nature, or maybe it was a mixture of my gals playing tricks, and my eyesight deceiving me.

A couple of days later we drove to the Gold Coast to see in the New Year.  We were staying at my wife’s cousin’s place.  They too have two daughters so the four gals had lots of fun.  The first day we arrived I took off my shoes and put my socks inside them.  It was a warmish day and I wanted to walk in thongs (no not g-strings but flip flops!). 

Later that night, for some peculiar reason, my socks ended up in my wife’s handbag. Initially I was blamed for this as my wife thought it was me playing a prank.  However, I assured her that it was not me.  In fact, no-one in the house owned up to it!  At this stage I was realising that possible a friendly spirit was playing tricks on me.

For the next couple of days nothing happened until we drove back to Ballina.  My brother in law was out so we picked up a spare key and entered his house.  It was early evening and No Worries decided to get the gals ready for bed.  So they all trundled off to the bedrooms whilst I was sitting in the lounge room with laptop thinking about writing a blog and checking up on the sport results.

Now my brother in law has a leather lounge which makes a creaking sound when you sit on it.  I was at this particular time sitting in a single leather chair next to it.  Whilst I was surfing the net, checking the cricket scores, I heard the leather lounge creak as if someone had sat on it.  Naturally, when I looked at the lounge there was no-one there. 

I looked outside in case for some reason the sound had emanated from elsewhere.  Outside everything was quiet, eerily quiet in fact. 

The lounge creaked again and it total it happened four times.  I looked for indentations on the lounge but saw nothing.  All during this time my wife and daughters were in a different part of the house.

Later that night I told the wife. By now she was beginning to believe that things were happening of a ghostly nature.  During these experiences I have to say that I was certainly not scared or freaking out.  Having watched many episodes of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Lab I have come to understand more about unexplained things that can happen.  To me it was as if some Spirit was having a bit of fun with me and my wife.

I am glad to say that since being back in the Big Smoke I have not witnessed any happenings. My socks remain where I leave them (normally on the floor somewhere) and my toothbrush certainly has not had any desires to go for car rides, which has made my wife very happy indeed!

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