02 June 2011

It's Story Time - A Must Read!

Just this once, I want to do something different. Normally I write a blog and try and make it a tad humerous. Normally I fail, but once in a while it comes off. Anyway, less digressing methinks.

Recently, I had the pleasure of coming across a person who is really talented. I should thank Nes (aka Queen Nes) for introducing Amira to me. So a big thanks Nes!! The big thing about Amira is that she is now a fully fledged author and I really want to spread the word about her debut novel.

What really hooked me initialy was the trailer for Amira's book. Check it out:

If it grabs you, like it did me, then you can purchase the book called "Egypt The Uprising - Battle For Maat" at:

I hope you enjoy this enthralling novel.

Congratulations Amira!

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