05 March 2011

Time for a change!

Well, having found some spare time (I think it was hiding under the lounge), I have decided to give my blogsite a well overdue spring clean.

Gone is the picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Fish. Even though I found it fun to have them on the blog, and they were fun to feed as well, I decided to take down that app. Also missing is the 'song of the week' which often ended up being 'song of the month'!

I have bought in the share it application so that you Tweeters out there (Hi Nes) and Facebookers can easily share the blogs.

I may make a few more changes but for now that is it.

I also think the style of blogs should change too. I will still stick with the humerous ones but will occassionally write some more serious type ones too.

Stay tuned and remember, you can subscribe to my blogs too!!



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