07 August 2010

Slang and Things!

"yes I am an ex-banker. Please keep it quiet and don't spread it about...To me '101' is a bus number.

Recently something dawned on me. Now that is an amazing thing in itself. However, I realised that in today's fast paced society we are using more and more slang than ever before. Now I don't mean Internet slang like 'lol' or 'imho' but slang that is used in everyday life.

There were two pieces of slang that struck me as having become more popular. The first one is '24/7'. I know that it means that something is available all week. That is 24 hours for 7 days. Now if the Beatles had there way with the song 'eight days a week' then it would be '24/8'.

To me '24/7' means that the fantastic show 24, with Jack Bauer, will be shown on Channel 7! That would make perfect sense. Otherwise a person would say something like 'available all hours of each day'. I am not sure how '24/7' came to be so popular but it would certainly have been in the last 10 years.

Another modern day slang is '101'. What this means is a beginners introduction to say, risk management. In business circles '101' has become extremely popular. To me '101' is a bus number. It was the bus that took me from my parents home to my job seven miles away in a bank. Yes I am an ex-banker. Please keep it quiet and don't spread it about! Oh, that's banker with a 'b' and not a 'w'.

Technology isn't immune either. Recently Apple released the iPad. Now I have to admit the marketing around it is fantastic but personally I am a bit sceptical and will stick to net books and laptops. Having said that surely the iPad is a digital women's sanitary pad! Phew, I think I got away with that comment. No offence to all the ladies out there!

Terrorism has also contributed to our newly found slang. Who can ever forget the atrocities of 911? Obviously this relates to the events that unfolded on the 11th September in 2001. To me though 911 is the number before 912 and the number after 910. Our laziness in saying 911 in comparison to the 11th September are adding to the growing list of slang.

Well that's all I could think of for now so I'll be back 24/7 with a 101 on how to write blogs!

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moodyblue2 said...

I totally agree, I hate the term 24/7!