03 July 2010

World Cup And All That!

"great beaches, fantastic cities and Kylie Minogue (well maybe not Kylie)...my consumption of caffeine has increased dramatically"

I am feeling tired a lot recently. Now it's nothing with to do with long working hours, or going to bed really late or even collecting stamps. It's got to do with the football World Cup. Now, obviously I am not at the finals. After all, England overlooked me for Rooney. Then again, I could have probably played much better that Wayne! One day England will see my silky skills....at least in my dreams!

You see, living in Australia has lots of benefits - good weather, great beaches, fantastic cities and Kylie Minogue (well maybe not Kylie). However there is a huge downside. It is called 'time zones'. The thing is, if us in Australia want to watch one of the top world sporting events then we have to either stay up to the early hours of the morning, or wake up at, say, 4am!

Naturally, it can take a toll on you. A few days ago, England played Slovenia at midnight and a few hours later Australia played Serbia. This was followed by a large number of fans getting ready to go to work. From my point of view my consumption of caffeine has increased dramatically!

Despite the lack of sleep, it has to be said that the World Cup has been addictive. Admittedly the first round of group games were generally tedious at times. Since then the tournament has warmed up (unlike the Sydney weather) and there has been some great football (or soccer) played. Even Australia performed well after their drubbing to the slick Germans.

Now I am certainly no good at tipping winners but I did say Spain before the first game. Mind you, a week or two prior I was spruiking for Argentina. Whoever wins I am sure the last few games will be memorable. One thing that I will not miss after this tournament are the vuvuzelas. To me they do nothing to add to the spectacle.

So remember when you are at home, or in a club and its 7pm and the world cup is on the television, it is probably 4am here in Sydney and a lot of Australians with sleep deprivation!


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