06 June 2010

Rain and lots of it!

"I have been convinced that this weather is a cunning plan of ducks worldwide...you will see loads of English carrying a brolly or two"

Us Sydneysiders have just come out (fingers, toes and dangly bits crossed) of a very wet spell that lasted nigh on three weeks. Now I would be the first to admit that it is great that we have been awash with the life saving liquid, but there is a point where it gets beyond a joke (and I don't mean the one about the Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman!). The other joke is that the rain is falling on the coast and not really in the dam catchment area.

Now obviously, the downpours do not compare to monsoonal regions of the world, but they can certainly get to you nonetheless.

At present we have just entered winter and naturally the sun is rising later and setting earlier. So with the lack of daylight hours, coupled with grey and overcast skies, the city has been living in a kind of gloom recently.

For those who don't know, winter in Sydney is probably akin to a spring day in northern Europe. Certainly parts of Sydney will experience a few frosts at night but they are few and far between. The average day temperature is likely to be around 17C and the night temperature about 8C.

Anyway, I am digressing and I promised myself I wouldn't. Back to the topic of this blog - rain.

Every day for the past three weeks I have been woken not by my alarm, nor by birds chirruping songs, but by the hiss of rain hitting the ground outside. At this time of day the sun has not risen so it is dark. I quickly turn on the light and check to see if I have started to develop webbed feet! I have been convinced that this weather is a cunning plan of ducks worldwide to ensure that us humans evolve into a...duck! Once I have checked this I breathe a sigh of relief as my feet are still the same and start getting ready for another day of fun in the erm...rain.

The other thing to this wet weather is that you have to always take an umbrella with you. I cannot stand umbrellas full stop. The reason being is that as I originally come from England it is virtually compulsory to take an umbrella with you everywhere you go. Even if it is 30C and there is not a cloud in sight, you will see loads of English carrying a brolly or two.

So I have been battling the weather, carrying an umbrella and work related materials onto rain drenched trains during this wet period. After three weeks I say "enough is enough".

Hopefully the next few days and weeks will be kind and Sydneysiders will get to see the sun in all its glory. However, since I started writing this particular blog I have noticed that the heavens have opened up again. Oh well, I better re-check my feet....

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