13 June 2008

2000 and still counting!

"I still haven't had a hit from Kazakhstan yet. Maybe Borat is too busy to read my blog"

Last week my blog achieved a major milestone. I received my 2,000th hit since I started blog writing just on 11 months ago! I have to be truly honest and say that I never thought that I would get so many hits! THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and special thanks to all my regular readers! Remember, you can subscribe to my blog if you wish.

I keep a close eye on my blog stats every week. As at the beginning of June I had received hits from 58 different countries. It has been interesting to note that recent hits have come from some really exotic locations. No, I am not including Hartlepool or Parramatta in that description!

Recent 'new countries' to experience the wonders of my blog are Barbados, Brunei, Jordan, Portugal, Bahrain, Thailand and Armenia to name but a few. I still haven't had a hit from Kazakhstan yet. Maybe Borat is too busy to read my blog. At present, only 55% of all my hits come from Australia. So approximately every other reader, statistically speaking, is from overseas.

Popular cities that I have received hits from (aside from Aussie cities) include London, Dubai, New York, Ankara, Houston and even Lodz in Poland. Unusual named cities of note include Cocunut Creek in USA, Greenbelt in USA, Virginia Water in England, Kitchener in Canada and Maracay in Venezuela.

Well I think that is enough of the stats for now.

I will try and keep to my goal of writing at least one blog a week and do my utmost to make them interesting. I have toyed with the idea of writing serious blogs but feel that it would go against my original goals that I had for the blog.

Finally, please feel free to leave comments and contact me. I really do love to hear what you all have to say. Again a big THANK YOU to all. Keep coming back for more great blogs (fingers crossed).

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